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With ProBlend 6 3D technology, 1400 watts of power and speeds up to 35,000 RPM, enjoy smoother smoothies and blends with just the right taste and texture. Proven to motivate users to increase fruits and vegetables in their diet.

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Powerful 1400W motor for smoother blends
Finer blending of fruits and vegetables, thanks to our 1400W motor.

Advanced ProBlend 6 3D blending technology
We developed our ProBlend 6 3D technology to ensure that all of the ingredients in your smoothie are finely blended – so the nutrients in fruit, vegetables and nuts are unlocked from the cell structure and easily absorbed by your body.

Up to 35000rpm
35000 RPM for excellent blending and even healthier smoothies


Capacity jar: 1.8 L
Power: 1400 W
RPM blender (max): 35000 rpm
Voltage: 200-230 V


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