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Kids’ Hair Clipper


Your new Philips kid hair clipper with ultra-silent motor, professional blade with special designed rounded tips, multiple combs and water proof design allows you to give your child a professional haircut in the comfort of your own home.

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IPX 7 waterproof for safe and easy cleaning under the tap:

IPX 7 means the clipper is waterproof. You can clean the hair clipper safely and easily in water after use.

Multiple combs for 1mm to 12mm length settings:

Multiple combs for 1mm to 12mm length settings.

Special designed cutting system for safe use:

The professional blade with shorter ceramic cutter and rounded tips can easily catch and cut kids’ soft hair without pulling hair or scratching skin.


Technical Specifications:

Cleaning: Fully washable
Charging time: 8 hours
Clipping time: 45 minutes
Charging: Cordless & corded operation, Rechargeable
Display: Charging indication
Color: White & light blue


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