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Noodle Maker


With 360 degree extrusion technology, it allows you to enjoy fresh and tasty noodle in just 10 minutes! Add in nutritious ingredients like egg, spinach, and carrot juice to create healthy and worry-free homemade noodles for your family!

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Quick noodle making in 10 minutes:

Kneading and extruding will be finished in just 10 minutes: yields around 250g of noodle.

Customize the bounciness by choosing kneading time:

Customize the bounciness by choosing kneading time (5,6,7,8 min).

Create authentic noodles with all kinds of fresh ingredients:

Add in various ingredients (like eggs orvegetable juice) to make various types and colors of noodles.


Technical Specifications

Cleaning tool: Yes
Measuring cup: 1 for flour, 1 for water
Power: 200 W
Capacity: 500 g
Frequency: 50 Hz
Product weight: 17.2 lb/ 7.8 kg


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