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Rice cooker


Philips state of the art 5-layer ProCeramic+ pot is 5x harder than normal coatings ensuring your pot lasts longer and thanks to the 3D heating system, every grain is well cooked for you and your family to enjoy for up to 48 hours

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State of the art ProCeramic+ coating is 5x harder:

ProCeramic plus: up to 5 times more durable than conventional rice cookers*. Its super scratch resistant surface is for longer usage (*Philips rice cooker inner pot is made of 5-layer ProCeramic+ and conventional rice cooker inner pot is made of non-stick coating).

Smart 3D heating system cooks rice evenly:

Smart 3D heating system cooks the rice from all directions, delivering great tasting rice grain by grain.

Automatic keep warm function for up to 48 hours:

Keep warm function automatically starts to work after rice is cooked and ensures your rice remains hot and fluffy for up to 48 hours


Technical Specifications:

Included: Measuring cup, Spatula, Steaming tray/basket
Packaging: > 90% recycled materials
User manual: 100% recycled paper
Power: 650 W
Color: Silver
Material of main body: Metal


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