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Rice cooker


Philips non-stick and anti-scratch 5-layer golden inner pot conducts and retains heat more evenly, delivering hot fluffy great tasting rice for up to 48 hours.

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Advanced anti-scratch coating for a long lasting pot:

Copper Outer Coating: helps to retain heat, keeping the rice warm and fresh 2. Protective Resin: protects the alloy making the pot firmer and more durable 3. Extra Thick Alloy: Evenly conducts heat to ensure that every single grain of rice is boiled and cooked throughout, giving you the desired texture 4. Champagne Gold Base: spreads the heat throughout the whole pot during cooking so the rice is fluffy and tastier 5. Super Rigid Crystal Coating: non-stick and anti-scratch for easy cleaning and enhanced durability.

Smart 3D heating system cooks rice evenly:

Smart 3D heating system cooks the rice from all directions, delivering great tasting rice grain by grain

Automatic keep warm function for up to 48 hours:

Keep warm function automatically starts to work after rice is cooked and ensures your rice remains hot and fluffy for up to 48 hours.


Technical Specifications:

Included: Measuring cup, Spatula
Packaging: > 90% recycled materials
User manual: 100% recycled paper
Color: Green
Power: 400 W


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