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Steam generator iron


Philips steam generator iron delivers faster and easier ironing experience. Iron your garments no temperature adjustment needed thanks to the revolutionary OptimalTEMP technology.




Powerful steam for ultimate crease removal:

An ultra-fast ironing experience can be yours with revolutionary technology. The powerful and continuous steam tackles even rough creases, and thicker fabrics are smoothed out with ease and speed. Plus there’s an extra steam boost if needed, perfect for vertical steaming or stubborn creases.

Iron jeans to silk, no need to change temperature setting:

With OptimalTEMP technology you’ll no longer have to waste time changing temperature settings, waiting for the temperature to adjust or pre-sorting clothes. Iron fabrics from jeans to silk, with guaranteed no burns thanks to the perfect combination of temperature and continuous powerful steam.

Safe to leave the hot soleplate on the ironing board:

Innovative OptimalTEMP technology guarantees no burn on all ironable fabrics. As well as the reassurance this provides whilst ironing, it also means you can leave the hot iron soleplate directly on your cotton ironing board without causing any damage. This helps to reduce any discomfort to your wrists, as you won’t need to lift the iron to and from its base as often.


Fast crease removal:

Continuous steam: up to 120 g/min
Power: 2400 W
Steam boost: up to 300 g

Easy to use:

Safe on all ironable fabrics: Even delicates like silk
Soleplate gliding performance: 5 stars
Cord freedom (swivel): 360 degree cord freedom
Descaling and cleaning: Smart Calc Clean
Weight of iron: 1.2 g
Weight of iron + base: 4.1 kg


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