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iOne Cards

iOne Cards

Enjoy the expanded privileges of an internationally accepted Visa card with iOne Visa Card. With well over 200 premium merchants and growing, being a card member has never been more rewarding. As a member of iOne Visa Card, you will automatically enjoy special member discounts at iOne Apple Reseller Stores & iOne2u Stores.
In addition, you’ll get to enjoy special merchant offers and participate in events conducted frequently exclusively for members only.
iOne Visa Card has several thousand high profile cardholders to date who enjoys unparalleled privileges throughout Cambodia and internationally.
Besides our Visa Card, iOne include several tens of thousands of iOne Privilege Members.

Our Card Options

iOne Privilege Member Card
Members enjoy special offers and discount from all iOne Apple Reseller stores and iOne2u Stores.
Participate for free in all member events conducted frequently.

iOne Visa Card, the world in your hands.

iOne Visa Card offers members the option of Platinum, Gold or Classic Visa Card depending on the credit limit awarded to individual cardholder. Our collaboration with UCB Bank ensures a personalized service for our premium card holders.

iOne Cards

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iOne Visa Card

iOne Visa Card holder are entitled to exclusive discount atnumberous premium retail and service in Cambodia & overseas

iOne, your trusted investment partner in Cambodia

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