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Comfort Single electric breast pump


Our pump is designed to give you closest natural comfort feeling with convenience for fast and effective milk expression




Rhythmic wave technology just like baby’s suckling:

Our rhythmic wave technology creates an expression cycle just like the way a baby naturally draws and swallows milk at the breast for fast and effectively generating milk flow. Fast and shallow stimulating movements are followed by slow and deep ones with an even natural suckling pace to gently but effectively express more milk. Pumping time is reduced and the expressing experience feels more natural and comfortable.

Easily switch from single to manual usage:

Your breast pump should be able to adapt to your needs. This is why our new single electric breast pump is designed to easily switch from single to manual usage with free handle including. This way you can always express in the way that you want to.

Memory/ pause helps store preferred settings, take a break:

Our new twin electric breast pump is designed to be completely intuitive to use. If you need to take a break during expressing, simply press the pause button and the play button to resume. The automatic memory function also makes it simple to store preferred settings so you can always express in the way that works best for you. The memory function will always show the last intensity level that was used. You can also manually select if you prefer.



Rhythmic wave technology: close to a baby’s natural suckling for more milk in less time
From single to manual usage: Designed to easily switch from single EBP to manual usage
Setting: 4 expression settings and 4 stimulation settings
Soft massage cushion: gentle stimulation


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